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Railway Interior Innovation Summit
November 09-10, 2021 | Berlin, Germany

Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit
December 06-08, 2021 | Constance, Germany
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RedCabin Profile

What is RedCabin? RedCabin Summits are globally celebrated events which bring leaders from across the transport world together for one purpose: to transform how we travel. From aviation to automotive and rail interiors, we use our expertise to develop new products, partnerships and processes which tackle the biggest challenges facing passengers and operators today.

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December 01-03, 2020 | Virtual LIVE

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Innovation – Degree of novelty or methodology to deliver
  • Touchless IFE
  • Is there a synergy between Biz Jets and Commercial Airlines?
  • A lighter future for aviation interiors
  • Healthy Cabin
  • Retrofit vs. Linefit – How Can We Quick-Start Innovation?
  • Big Ideas for the New Normal
  • Collaboration between Suppliers
  • New concept of economy class particularly for long haul flights
  • AIRTEK – Sustainable Cabin Structures
  • Beyond COVID: Design Acceleration
  • End-user perspective
  • Certification in the face of COVID

November 09 – 10, 2021

Auditorium Friedrichstraße | Berlin, Germany

Main topics to be discussed:
  • What does the year of European Rail means for railway interior? How the industry can collaborate to design.
  • How to elevate passenger experience and discovering materials that can help reducing emission?
  • Smart interior solutions – how this helps increase passenger experience as well as revenue for operators?
  • Railway interior trend – how can suppliers, design houses in Europe collaborate for future projects?
  • Certification standards on EN 45545-2 as well as standards in the US & Asia
  • Collaboration between east meet west and how suppliers particularly from Europe are able to be involved in some of Asia’s railway project
  • Hyperloop – what is the status of Hyperloop in 2021?
  • Discuss about lightweight materials, textiles (fabrics and leather) as well as other materials such as thermoplastics, adhesive and more

December 06 – 08, 2021

BODENSEEFORUM | Konstanz, Germany

  • Premium Economy – what´s up
  • Trends in Aircraft Interior: addressing changed passenger expectations
  • Understanding Aircraft Lessors
  • Interior product lifecycle
  • Sustainability
  • Innovative Materials: improving the cabin experience
  • New collaborations in the Aircraft Interior Industry
  • Follow up on “Access for all”
  • Urban Air Mobility – focus on interior design

April 27 – 28, 2022

Automotive Hall of Fame | Dearborn, MI, USA

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Gain a deeper insight into health management for steering systems as well as standardization efforts
  • Get to know about a solution for fail-operational control of Steer-by-Wire System without mechanical backup
  • Learn about safety and enhanced driver comfort – Steering in commercial vehicle ADAS systems and the current challenges for commercial vehicle industry to face the dynamic period of technological disruption
  • Discuss virtualization of steering developments as increasingly OEM`s are eliminating early physical vehicles and component hardware in favor of simulation technologies to develop mechatronic vehicle systems – will this trend continue in the future?
  • Explore the unique Volvo Dynamic Steering for Class 8 Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Find out about electrification of steering gears for Light Commercial Vehicle market and whether there are opportunities to develop cross-industry standards and approaches to address this trend?
  • How does vehicle connectivity impact steering systems?

September 27 – 28, 2021

DAS LIEBIG | Aachen, Germany

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Discover how to combine digital & physical features to create intuitive meaningful unique user experiences in the vehicle
  • Explore human centered design and architecture for future cars
  • Understand the language of lighting as means of signature, communication, personalization and design for premium and autonomous vehicle
  • Gain deeper insight into HMI trends of future cockpit architecture with assignement of functions to display and controls
  • Discuss how future mobility will shape interior design and HMI
  • Find out about similarities/differences among automotive, railway and aerospace requirements for future interior design and materials
  • Experience usability testing of HMI systems from an OEM`s perspective
  • Learn about innovative display technology – re-imaging in-vehicle experiences with real-time 3Dwith focus on applications and processor
  • Hear about new generation of ADAS HMI in PSA car and gain insight into design methodology to design the new generation
  • Discover sounds in and around the vehicle for an unrivalled user experience


RedCabin is more than simply a great place to network; it is a forum for sharing successes, challenges, and knowledge to shape the future of travel.


RedCabin Team

Monica Wick

Founder & CEO

Monica Wick is the founder and CEO of RedCabin. With more than 10 year’s experience in the aviation and automotive world she is specialized in researching and filtering the most relevant information and developments.

Her motivation is to make them visible to the community and to provide them with an independent connected platform to give birth to evolution. Or to put in the words of Albert Einstein: “The important thing is never to stop questioning – curiosity has its own reason for existing”.

office: +49 30 99 40 489 10
mobil: +49 162 255 95 44

Andreas Wibowo

Director Business Development

Andreas Wibowo is the Director of Business Development at RedCabin. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He started his career in Singapore, as a sales executive for a global conference provider.

He continued pursuing his passion in the aviation industry and joined one of the leading airlines publishers. He moved to Berlin in 2014, and helped the organization that he worked with to grow their aviation and automotive conference portfolios, some of those innovative projects include aircraft and automotive seating.

Andreas is passionate about aircraft interiors and technology development in the automotive industry.

office: +49 30 99 40 489 11
mobil: +49 162 256 738 2

Simone Lange

Program Director Automotive

Since 2011 Simone Lange has designed and developed international conferences mainly in automotive industry with special focus on powertrain, electric & electronics and chassis systems.

She has more than ten years experience as a writer for technical and scientific films, and worked as a journalist for several TV production companies such as i.e. UFA Film & TV Production.

Simone Lange holds a M.A. of Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich. Mission/Vision:

Try to help experts to establish new contacts and exchange ideas with people working in the same area.

office: +49 30 99 40 489 13
mobil: +49 162 108 98 41

Desirée Thräne

Head of Operations

Desirée Thräne is the Head of Operations at Red Cabin.
Before joining Red Cabin in February 2019, she worked as a location manager for a large coworking company in Berlin. She was responsible for the effective and successful management of operational procedure, systems and principles in the areas of information flow and business processes. Desi strives to find exciting, efficient and innovative ways to keep our customers happy.

Desirée graduated her Bachelor of Arts in economics and looks forward to the challenges of creating effective structures and helping to build a worldwide company.

office:   +49 30 99 40 489 15
mobile: +49 173 27 37 940

Erutode Rume

Director of Business Development Automotive

Over two decades, intelligent with combine experience and operational data that has uncover more insights and fueling breakthrough in the automotive industry. Role-based dashboards, intuitive interfaces, action right planning tools, place the right data in front of the right persons or companies at the right time. These actions have enabling facts that automatically identify key challenges and overcome them.

Designed and developed international conferences with passion in the automotive sector, some innovative projects include Automotive Seating, Steering Systems, Chassis Electrification, Intuitive Car HMI, Autonomous Driving Technology (Cognitive Vehicles AI and Deep Learning) and Functional Safety.

office:  +49 30 99 40 489 16
mobile: +49 173 1879936