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RedCabin is specialised in international conferences in the field of aviation and automotive industries. We provide unique Round Table platforms to establish and renew your relationships in the Innovative Aircraft Interior Market and Automotive Industry.

With the expertise resulting from many years of experience and a large worldwide network, we will be a reliable and advanced partner for you and your business. Best solutions and innovations need dedicated professionals with expert knowledge - we will bring them together!

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48V in Automotive, 26. – 28.09.2018, Germany

During This Two Day Conference You Will:
  • Get to know new features of 48V systems
  • Network with leading hybrid-electric vehicle engineers
    from OEMs and -corresponding supplier companies
    who are advancing the 48V technology
  • Learn about latest achievements on 48V architectures
  • Be up-dated on 48V standardization
  • Identify innovative energy storage and managements
    systems in mild hybrids
  • Gain insight into 48V market speci cs and trends
  • Discuss future 48V subsystems
-assess saftey aspects
    of 48V implementation
  • Assess saftey aspects of 48V implementation

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4 – 6 December 2018, Hamburg, Germany, ZAL TECH CENTER

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Industry overview and trends
  • Airline panel: YC seats and improving the accommodation in this class
  • Perceived comfort, what is it and how do you measure it?
  • „Continued product segmentation
  • Using research data and comfort research to design a seat
  • The spirit of aviation and automotive coming together – who is influencing who?
  • Airline Case Study : The Digital Cabin
  • Predictive – PMA Parts – Certification: Regulators in the focus
  • Color, material and finishing
  • Hard plastics
  • Race for Data and new models for collaboration
  • High Performance Materials
  • Health Management Systems
  • Comfort Science







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Now and the future

6 – 7 March 2019 | Etihad Innovation Center, Abu Dhabi

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Industry Overview and Trends: Survey of 3D printing industry for Airlines and MRO
  • The certification challenge: Overcoming the lack of an established certification roadmap and qualified materials
  • Streamlining the process for regulation and certification
  • Machine Focus session: machine OEMs state of the art machines, Technical and Functional support
  • The 3D printed cabin of the future
  • Material session: Availability, challenges for qualification, cost
  • Multi material production
  • Applications session: Adopting and utilizing 3D printing, Applications for MRO and Airline
  • Business model: Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing, How to make 3D printing more widely used in Airlines and MRO, Inhouse vs Outsourcing, Workforce Development, Supply Chain




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Steering Systems USA 2019

26 – 27 MARCH 2019 | GM Heritage Center, Sterling Heights, MI, USA

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Learn about safety architectures for steer-by-wir
  • Identify the impact of steer-by-wire on processes on the whole system
  • Discuss about needs for mechanical redundancy in steering and
    suspension components for autonomous vehicles
  • Get an insight into advanced integrated avionics platform with
    highly fault tolerant fly-by-wire applications
  • Find out about power supply implications for future steering systems
  • Compare and learn about fail-safe/fail-operational mechanisms of
     x-by-wire systems of different industries
  • Assess methods to verify software integrity
  • Get updated on level 3 and level 4 of automated driving and beyond

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Chaired by Ade Badiru
Steering Technical Expert


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Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit

4 – 6 June 2019 | Museum of Flight, Seattle, USA

Main topics to be discussed:
  • A new product takes off
  • Single aisle lie flat seats the next cabin boom!
  • Exclusive Butterfly flexible seat 2.0
  • Seats as part of the overall cabin experience
  • Innovation Vs Passenger Safety & Regulatory Compliance
  • What is the role of an independent design house in the cabin interior innovation?
  • Upgradation of Existing Aircraft
  • Airline Panel Discussion
  • Supplier Panel Discussion
  • Changing trend in the Aircraft Interior “Class structure”
  • Disabled access
  • Cabin of the future – Impact of Innovation and new technologies


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MAY 21 – 22, 2019 | HAMBURG, GERMANY

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Discuss whether current and future mandatory rules and regulations, guidelines and standards from maritime organizations are strict enough
  • Get insight into new ways and technologies to run ships environmentally friendly while still operating economically
  • Get updated on new concepts of green shipping
  • Identify latest challenges and opportunities of onshore power supply
  • Find out whether fossil fuel needs to become more expensive to trigger a change to power ships environmentally friendly
  • Assess LNG as the current “bridge technology” towards a cleaner burning in comparison to marine diesel fuel
  • Compare and learn about decarbonization versus “defossilization”: differences, aims and potential solutions

48v in Automotive

October 1 – 2, 2019 | BERLIN, GERMANY

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Discuss the limits of 48V technology
  • Find out the competitive system cost to performance ratio
  • Get updated on market trends and legislation of 48V electrification and beyond
  • Evaluate efficient topologies of the 48V system
  • Discover the advantages of P0 architectures within the 48V system
  • Learn about the latest achievements of energy storage technology and how it changes our perception
  • Understand new functions in the mild hybrid MHEV for enhanced customer comfort
  • Discuss future developments of energy management
  • Get to know how to redcuce costs while keeping up system efficiency
  • Find out how to overcome the lack of system and component standards
  • Smart concepts to deal with higher complexity of the propulsion systems in MHEVs

High Voltage

October 1 – 2, 2019 | BERLIN, GERMANY

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Discover high voltage technology for future vehicles in the context of automated drive
  • Find out about next generation e-machine technology
  • Explore advanced drive train topologies for high voltage vehicles
  • Discuss how to optimize architecutures for electric and hybrid electric vehicles
  • Evaluate innovations on thermal management to prolong lifetime of electric vehicle` powertrain and efficiency improvement
  • Learn about the latest achievements of in-wheel electric motor technology
  • Get to know innovations on battery cell chemistry development
  • Discuss battery management systems for high voltage li-ion batteries
  • Understand to redcuce costs while keeping up system efficiency
  • Get updated on latest achievements in fuel cell technology development for electrified vehicles

Global Additive Applications Summit

October 30 – 31, 2019 | TBA, BERLIN

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Understand who additive is changing the railway business in Europe
  • Discuss „AM in Aerospace vs Railway“ to get an idea which AM applications are true game changers and discover the differences and the main hurdles in both industries
  • Get a deep insight into industrial additive manufacturing and experience a user perspective
  • Find out how to optimize aerospace applications with simulation and novel materials to save development time and costs
  • Explore novel design solutions from CAD to part
  • Assess additive as a driving force for a new manufacturing protocol
  • Evaluate end to end digital manufacturing / generative design and compare automotive with aerospace
  • Discuss whether digital data collection and monitoring secures better part quality and therefore minimizes productions failure in automotive production
  • Learn about 3D-printing applications for cabin interior

Digital Toolsets for Airlines and MRO

12 – 13 NOVEMBER 2019 | The Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Understand how Predictive Algorithms change the MRO business
  • Discuss how Digital Manufacturing Services provides advantages affecting the cabin, and subsequently aircraft production
  • Find out how to optimize architectures of airlines – airport digital cooperation for E2E prediction and supply chain?
  • How Digital Transformation affects Airline & MRO business?
  • What could a new communication network standard could look like?
  • Intelligent Data Hub
  • What measures OEMs should take on Cyber Security aspects
  • Digital Authentication, online-check in going further, new ways of checking in and governmental aspects?

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Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit

3 – 4 December 2019 | London – CCT Venue, Level 32
5 December 2019 | London – The Base, Virgin Atlantic

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Next Generation Inclusive Travel
  • Single aisle Cabin opportunities and why
  • User-centric product development for the digital cabin of tomorrow
  • How Aircraft Cabin Interior experts can learn from different industries?
  • Cabin Interior for supersonic planes
  • Cabin Modification
  • Certification- New regulations on the cabin? What’s the update from EASA?
  • The importance of the customer expectation and how do you manage it?
  • Cabin Innovation from LCC perspective. What it means and how does it compare to legacy carrier
  • Future of mobility – Hyperloop – Virgin Galactic

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Next Generation Steering Systems USA 2020

March 30-31, 2020 | Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, Detroit, USA

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Hear about the award-winning SAE paper regarding “Ball Nut Assembly Modeling” in the mechanical implications category.
  • Get to know the development of evaluation methods for steering loss of assist.
  • Identify similarities and sifferences among automotive, Off-Highway, and aerospace motion control safety requirements for X-by-Wire systems.
  • Discuss redundant power supply architectures for AV & Steer-by-Wire: Can we develop an industry standard?
  • Understand functional safety as it applies to robotics and autonomy across various industries.
  • Learn about latest developments of EPS and its future requirements.
  • Find out latest trends and challenges for commercial steering.
  • Gain insight into electronics reliability methods and what the future needs are.
  • Get to know about trends and challenges for commercial steering

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Aircraft Cabin Additive Manufacturing 2020

3 – 4 March 2020 | ZAL Tech Center, Hamburg

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Potentials and Challenges of Additive Manufactured Cabin Interior Parts
  • Value Proposition of AM to the airlines particularly in Cabin interior
  • Role of additive manufacturing for Cabin MRO/ Refurbishment
  • Robot guided additive manufacturing for large scale cabin parts
  • Challenges on IP in 3d printing for cabin parts, and how to overcome it
  • Certification issues on cabin additive manufacturing
  • The role of Metal applications on Aircraft Cabin additive manufacturing
  • Tooling on Aircraft Cabin Additive Manufacturing
  • Flammability testing on additive materials for cabin application
  • Can digital data collection and monitoring secure better part quality and therefore minimize production failure in cabin interior production?
  • Advancements in Additive Manufacturing Standards, Qualification & Certification
  • Challenges of 3D printing in the Aerospace Industry


Human Factors – HMI – UX

Hosted by

18 – 19 March 2020 | MOTORWORLD, Region Stuttgart

20 March 2020 | BORGWARD FACILITIES, Stuttgart

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Discuss how to develop brand recognition in a rapidly changing Automotive World
  • Understand how to design userfriendly Interior & Lighting Design
  • Examine whether voice is THE future user interface
  • Learn how innovative HMI Development Tools can assist to create innovative user interfaces
  • Experience how Advanced Display Technology can enhance Automotive UX
  • Realize the crucial role of Augmented & Mixed Realities
  • Examine the potential of gamification to achieve an intuitive UX
  • Personalization – How can we adjust the cockpit for different user requirements and preferences?
  • Shy Tech – digital detox in the cockpit?

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Monica Wick is the founder and CEO of RedCabin. With more than 10 year’s experience in the aviation and automotive world she is specialized in researching and filtering the most relevant information and developments.

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He continued pursuing his passion in the aviation industry and joined one of the leading airlines publishers. He moved to Berlin in 2014, and helped the organization that he worked with to grow their aviation and automotive conference portfolios, some of those innovative projects include aircraft and automotive seating.

Andreas is passionate about aircraft interiors and technology development in the automotive industry.

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Since 2011 Simone Lange has designed and developed international conferences mainly in automotive industry with special focus on powertrain, electric & electronics and chassis systems.

She has more than ten years experience as a writer for technical and scientific films, and worked as a journalist for several TV production companies such as i.e. UFA Film & TV Production.

Simone Lange holds a M.A. of Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich. Mission/Vision:

Try to help experts to establish new contacts and exchange ideas with people working in the same area.

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Desirée Thräne is the Head of Operations at Red Cabin.
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Desirée graduated her Bachelor of Arts in economics and looks forward to the challenges of creating effective structures and helping to build a worldwide company.

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Over two decades, intelligent with combine experience and operational data that has uncover more insights and fueling breakthrough in the automotive industry. Role-based dashboards, intuitive interfaces, action right planning tools, place the right data in front of the right persons or companies at the right time. These actions have enabling facts that automatically identify key challenges and overcome them.

Designed and developed international conferences with passion in the automotive sector, some innovative projects include Automotive Seating, Steering Systems, Chassis Electrification, Intuitive Car HMI, Autonomous Driving Technology (Cognitive Vehicles AI and Deep Learning) and Functional Safety.

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