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What is RedCabin? RedCabin Summits are globally celebrated events which bring leaders from across the transport world together for one purpose: to transform how we travel. From aviation to automotive and rail interiors, we use our expertise to develop new products, partnerships and processes which tackle the biggest challenges facing passengers and operators today.

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December 01-03, 2020 | Virtual LIVE

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Innovation – Degree of novelty or methodology to deliver
  • Touchless IFE
  • Is there a synergy between Biz Jets and Commercial Airlines?
  • A lighter future for aviation interiors
  • Healthy Cabin
  • Retrofit vs. Linefit – How Can We Quick-Start Innovation?
  • Big Ideas for the New Normal
  • Collaboration between Suppliers
  • New concept of economy class particularly for long haul flights
  • AIRTEK – Sustainable Cabin Structures
  • Beyond COVID: Design Acceleration
  • End-user perspective
  • Certification in the face of COVID

November 09 – 10, 2021

Auditorium Friedrichstraße | Berlin, Germany

Main topics to be discussed:
  • What does the year of European Rail means for railway interior? How the industry can collaborate to design.
  • How to elevate passenger experience and discovering materials that can help reducing emission?
  • Smart interior solutions – how this helps increase passenger experience as well as revenue for operators?
  • Railway interior trend – how can suppliers, design houses in Europe collaborate for future projects?
  • Certification standards on EN 45545-2 as well as standards in the US & Asia
  • Collaboration between east meet west and how suppliers particularly from Europe are able to be involved in some of Asia’s railway project
  • Hyperloop – what is the status of Hyperloop in 2021?
  • Discuss about lightweight materials, textiles (fabrics and leather) as well as other materials such as thermoplastics, adhesive and more

The Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit will take place as a face-to-face event, using the
German 2G Format (participation for fully vaccinated or recently from COVID-19
recovered persons only).

December 06 – 08, 2021

BODENSEEFORUM | Konstanz, Germany

  • Premium Economy – what´s up
  • Trends in Aircraft Interior: addressing changed passenger expectations
  • Understanding Aircraft Lessors
  • Interior product lifecycle
  • Sustainability
  • Innovative Materials: improving the cabin experience
  • New collaborations in the Aircraft Interior Industry
  • Follow up on “Access for all”
  • Urban Air Mobility – focus on interior design

September 13-15, 2022

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Get opportunities to reconnect and get back to what we all love most – connecting others through flight
  • Discussing on materials that are sustainable, light, and easy to recycle
  • Understanding new airlines strategies particularly on cabin design and fleet selections
  • Where is the market in-terms of accessibility
  • Learning on Chinese aesthetics and how this is applied to cabin interior on certain airlines
  • Cabin design and technologies for low cost carriers

September 27, 2022

Fraport Conference Center, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Sustainability of materials. How can we consider materials as sustainable for future mobility?
  • Towards a decarbonized mobility through advanced connectivity
  • Smart cities and how it will affect autonomous transportation (connectivity)
  • Heading towards carbon-free production – the new factory
  • Sustainable materials for ADAS (radar, lidar, artificial intelligence, cognitive vehicles)
  • Advanced recycling technologies for batteries in Electric Vehicles

September 28-29, 2022

area3 Dreieich, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Explore Toyota Boshoku’s latest interior space concept for 2030 ride share concept
  • Find out about intelligent lighting an its meaning for future automotive interior
  • Learn about digital art in vehicle interiors
  • Get to know latest developments in innovative seating with smart and sustainable materials
  • Discuss an enhanced passenger experience e.g. as traveling in a protective cocoon
  • Find out about customer needs and request in relation to HMI
  • Learn about perceived quality
  • Gain deeper insight into prototyping with regards to HMI
  • Explore the HMI for future trucks

November 08 – 09, 2022

IdeasTrain hall Rödelheim | Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Update on idea train, from concept to reality
  • Tour on DB’s future fleets
  • Sustainable materials for railway interior. Where are we at the moment and how can we improve on sustainability
  • Lightweight interior
  • Collaborations between suppliers and operators/ manufacturers
  • Modern interior of locomotive
  • Innovation from UK
  • High speed interior innovation
  • And many more

November 29 – 30, 2022

Berlin, Germany

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Steer-by-Wire – Latest Developments
  • The „life“ after Steer-by-Wire: What will be next: 2035 and beyond?
  • Safety requirements for autonomous driving in respect of Steer-by-Wire technology (ASPICE)
  • Light Commercial Vehicles – EPS for automated driving level 3
  • Advanced Steering Systems for Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Software Defined Vehicles – Chances and risks
  • New methods and processes of virtual validation to simulate prototype phase
  • Semi-automate driving in urban area level 2++

December 07 – 08, 2022

Berlin, Germany

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Learn how to scale up electrolyser units, their different technologies and manufacturing processes 
  • Discuss how to increase efficiency and cut costs by improving electrolyser design, materials and components, and balance of plant (BoP) 
  • Explore how to integrate large electrolysers into renewable systems, plants, processes and value chains to scale up their industrial application 
  • Enlarge your network with industry experts from all parts of the electrolyser value chain and learn from each other 


RedCabin is more than simply a great place to network; it is a forum for sharing successes, challenges, and knowledge to shape the future of travel.