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What is RedCabin? RedCabin Summits are globally celebrated events which bring leaders from across the transport world together for one purpose: to transform how we travel. From aviation to automotive and rail interiors, we use our expertise to develop new products, partnerships and processes which tackle the biggest challenges facing passengers and operators today.

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March 21-23, 2023

Airbus | Hamburg, Germany

  • New approach to digital cabin and comfort
  • Sustainability from the view of a cabin supplier, design house and an airline, particularly on lightweight materials
  • Understand value chain of cabin interiors-how to approach decision makers
  • LCC for long haul market, Current opportunity and future cabin development
  • Is first class still profitable, and how to differentiate first class cabin to the current business class cabin which already looks like first class?
  • Latest technologies for sustainable cabin solutions

April 18-20, 2023

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Overview of bus interior and its future in USA
  • Panel discussion on bus interior. Focus on comfort, accessibility and design
  • Interior perspective from an electric bus manufacturer
  • Panel discussion bus interior for long distance travel in USA
  • Cross over between train interior and bus interior! What can a bus manufacturer learn from this
  • Bus interior aesthetic ( CMF)
  • Trend of rail interior in North and South America
  • Collaboration between design houses, operators and train manufacturers
  • Railway interior innovation from light rail and high speed train
  • Tenders for railway interior
  • Cross over between bus interior and rail interior, how can we learn from each other?
  • Exclusive tour of Stadler Rail USA and its latest project in America

April 25 – 26, 2023

Automotive Hall of Fame | Dearborn, MI, USA

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Accelerated technology change in Commercial Vehicle steering systems challenge – flexible solutions for a transitional period
  • Steer-by-Wire as enabler for new chassis architectures
  • Alternative / future steering devices and methods
  • Future vehicle motion management – SbW and Bosch VDC2.0
  • Best in class software solutions for advanced steering systems
  • Braking / powertrain point of view with regards to steering systems – where do we draw the line in chassis control
  • Supply chain challenges within the steering systems market
  • Virtualization in steering development
  • Steering systems for Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Future of steering systems in Light Duty Vehicles
  • Software defined vehicles – chances and risks

May 16 – 17, 2023

Berlin, Germany

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Steer-by-Wire – Latest Developments
  • The „life“ after Steer-by-Wire: What will be next: 2035 and beyond?
  • Safety requirements for autonomous driving in respect of Steer-by-Wire technology (ASPICE)
  • Light Commercial Vehicles – EPS for automated driving level 3
  • Advanced Steering Systems for Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • New methods and processes of virtual validation to simulate prototype phase
  • Software Defined Vehicles – Chances and risks
  • Semi-automate driving in urban area level 2++

June 21 – 22, 2023

Dallas/Forth Worth, TX, USA

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Learn how to scale up electrolyser units, their different technologies and manufacturing processes
  • Discuss how to increase efficiency and cut costs by improving electrolyser design, materials and components, and balance of plant (BoP)
  • Explore how to integrate large electrolysers into renewable systems, plants, processes and value chains to scale up their industrial application
  • Enlarge your network with industry experts from all parts of the electrolyser value chain and learn from each other

November 07 – 09, 2023

Vienna, Austria

Main topics to be discussed:
  • Innovation of public transport interior from Austria 
  • Lighting design to enhance customers comfort – Possibilities based on visual, psychological and physiological aspects
  • Interior collaboration between train manufacturer, and suppliers
  • Accessibility – Passenger experience for all (disabled passengers and family)
  • Sustainable interior – What is it and how can we make train interior greener?
  • Interior innovation from Asia
  • Creating a new onboard experience for long distance travel in the future
  • Refurbishment – Challenges and opportunities
  • High-speed train interior
  • Future requirements for bus interior from an operator’s perspective
  • Sustainable materials and design for bus interior
  • Advanced design and comfort for long distance travel
  • Future of interior for mass rapid transit
  • Bus interior from an electric bus manufacturer


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